Indian Spices: Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds are highly popular in the market as it serves the use of spice in various cuisines and is also used as oil seed. The Mustard Seeds are available in varieties like White Mustard (Brassica Alba or Brassica Hirta), Black Mustard (Brassica Nigra), and Brown Mustard (Brassica Juncea). The strong aromatic feature makes it ideal for various culinary uses, and the nutritional content also makes the Mustard Seeds ideal for home remedies for improving health.

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  • Used as an important ingredient for the tempering (tadka) of various cuisines. This adds a mild aroma to the cuisines and thus, also provides a final touch as used for the garnishing purpose.
  • In Indian cuisines, the mustard seeds are roasted till they open and split like popcorn. While toasting, utmost care is needed as the seeds may burn and turn bitter in taste.
  • The hot and spicy flavour also makes it ideal to be used for enhancing the taste of meats, fish, fowl, sauces, and salad dressings.
  • Black/Brown Mustard Seeds are used for flavouring the South Indian cuisines.
  • For the nutty and pungent flavour, the mustard seeds tempering (tadka) along with other spices to add a distinctive flavour to various other Indian cuisines.

Health Benefits of Brown Mustard Seeds

Below mentioned are some of the countable health benefits of the Mustard Seeds that make it popular in the domestic as well as in international market.

  • Mustard Seeds are considers an ideal stimulate for the appetite as salivation is increase up to eight times.
  • Properties like digestive, laxative, antiseptic, and circulative stimulant, also makes the Mustard Seeds ideal for health benefits.
  • Mustard Seeds, if taken in certain amount, help in neutralising toxins and also helps in aiding upset stomach. Excess intake of Mustard Seeds could cause irritation.
  • Skin diseases could also be treated as Mustard Seeds contain sulphur.
  • For relief in sinuses and from lungs congestion, Mustard Plasters or Poultices could be applied on the chest.
  • People suffering from thyroid are suggested not to take Mustard Greens as these increases the size of thyroid.


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